Well Bottom Blues

Oh my God it's full of stars!

Midwest Memories

A small town in Northwest Minnesota. A grandparent in the graveyard the price of full admission. My friend who lived there 20 years reading at Mass while I stood in the back with my restless child and a woman asked who he was and the other answered, oh that’s Ted F. He’s new in town.

I remember my boss, an avid outdoorsman, who wanted to shoot all the cormorants for stealing his fish. I remember the giant cormorants like feathered pterodactyls. I remember the roar of snowmobiles a block down the street on the lake sundering the silence of a new snowfall. I could not hear my boots crunch as I walked.

I remember the smell of spreading manure outside of town. I recall the faux pas when I did not help my wife’s friend with his roof. I remember I never went in the ditch. I remember a sky covered with thousands of noisy geese flying south at the cusp of winter. I named my sailboat on the lake Tchoupitoulas, and remember how nervous I was to stand on its berth in February.

I remember taking my children to an actual pumpkin patch, the melons still on the vine, and cornfield mazes with hayrides and bonfires. I remember cutting a Christmas tree in the 20° dark with a hand saw to bring home. I remember the laughter and shrieks of my children sledding, and the stillness of snowshoeing by the river on a windless, sunny, 10° day.

My son bears the scars of the snail born disease you could get swimming at the lake. My daughter escaped having her aunt’s woebegone accent. I heard the scream of Katrina and hurried home, never looking back.

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Mark Folse is a provincial diarist and minor poet in and from New Orleans. His past blogging adventures included the Katina/Federal Flood blog wetbankguide on blogspot.com which David Simon told NY Magazine was one of three blogs that helped helped inspire Treme, and Toulouse Street, which once outranked the Doobie Brothers on Google Search. His poetry and other writing has appeared in the New Laurel Review, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Rumpus and elsewhere.



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