A plague o’ both your houses!

A few things are especially suspicious about the recall lawsuit and the deal reached between Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. It’s Louisiana, and few things political are on the up and up, but this seems particularly egregious given the self-righteousness of the recall people.

First, the federal  National Voter Registration Act requires audits of the roles to be “routine, uniform and non-discriminatory.” This settlement is neither routine nor uniform by common definitions. There are no definitions in the act for those two terms. I checked. Not a lawyer but I can read plain English and learned to read legalese as a former journalist myself and years spent on on Capitol Hill

Second, no competent campaign would make a mass mailing without running their list through CASS address correction and the National Change Of Address with a vendor. Otherwise you’re wasting money on postage. So it is highly likely they knew about the disparities in mid-November before the first mass mailing, but only chose to file suit in February when they came up short. Step in gubernatorial hopeful Jeff Landry’s stooge protégé Laura Cannizzaro Rodrigue, who rushed in to help out the recall from the goodness of her heart, and then helped negotiate this settlement with the GOP’s Ardoin. That all seems on the up-and-up.

Third, Carter testified under oath they learned about the alleged disparities based on returned mail. I don’t have the envelope from the second petition mailing but I have mine from the first, and a flat advertiser mailing. Neither have returned service requested of any sort imprinted on them. If you don’t do that on the envelope or the mailer, the post office doesn’t return them. So there’s a strong possibility she lied under oath.

Finally, over 95% of contributions came from Richard D. Farrell? A single person and six-figure VoteRed contributor? Mindful of Clancy DuBos’ recent comments about how some people may not have signed for fear of retribution, has Farrell been bundling contributions? That’s illegal under Louisiana election law. Again, I’m not a lawyer but have a look at Louisiana RS 18 §1505.2.

I think NoonieMman and the Eileen “Apostolic Prophetess/Seer” Carter cooked up this scheme, and the GOP promptly took notice and brought in big guns and dollars. They’re anxious for a Black Urban Mayor to lynch,  because as every faithful Fox viewer knows the BUMs are the root of all evil in America. Enter Farrell and Landry’s attack lawyer and former DA Leon Cannizzaro’s daughter.

I am not a shill for Cantrell. Last time I did that for anybody and got paid for it was the very early 90s for Rep Bob Carr D-MI6. I am a former journalist who was part of the core of Nola Bloggers post Federal Flood with Karen Gadbois of The Lens and others. I am outraged that none of the local news stenographers has acted like a journalist and thought of and then asked any of these questions.

My position now is: if you’re willing to potentially break the law and suborn perjury to getthe mayor, you are no better than she is.

A plague o’ both your houses.