Moving The Goalposts

The first Nolatoya recall mailer went out mid-November. No one does a major mailing without submitting their list to the US Postal Service CASS & National Change of Address database. At last no one competent would do that. So they knew about any issues from NCOA in early November but chose to file suit in February right before the deadline. Sure looks like a bad faith effort to move the goal posts in the fourth quarter because the deadline looks and they’re not quite there.

Also, the list and mailing vendor cited in their lawsuit–Gulf Coast Resources–does not appear in their expenditure list or as an in-kind donation as required by law by it’s 12/29 date, and the first mailer was, again, in November. Interesting behavior from folks who feel the mayor must go because she breaks the law.

You won’t hear about this from the Advocate/, WWL, WDSU or WVUE Fox 8 because at best their doing stenography, not journalism. At worst, they’re just taking orders from the NOLA Coalition, in which case they have no pretense of being journalists at all.

Back in the Saddle Again

So this blog didn’t work out as I planned it just over a year ago. I captured some of my thoughts as I titrated off the anti-psychotic risperidone in hopes of overcoming the writing block that descended on me seven years ago. Like most anti-psychotics it was designed to make crazy people calm the fuck down. Think of the Indian in one Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest. It doesn’t matter. I’m writing again, starting with poetry. That is the one talent I missed most.

The World has taken a very Odd turn in the last seven years ago. I have no idea how it will all turnout, but I will go down writing.

P.S. I’m charmed that my user name is still wet bank guy. Think of it as teh charm of teh boa.